In the process of my graduate study, I renewed my focus as a graphic designer. I am renewing my career, restoring and reaffirming the hunger I have for what I do as a graphic designer as I built a letterpress studio. As I dug deeper into this concept I became interested in the prefix RE -- meaning "again" or "again and again" to emphasize things like repetition, regenerate, replenish and refurbish. This notion of renewal is exactly what I explored during my MFA study. I have restored machines, repurposed typography, paper and other found materials. What is Old is New defines me. Letterpress is in the midst of a revival. I am a revivalist, a resurrectionist.

My exploration of the prefix RE and how it relates to what I have reflected on in my life and practice led me to this project. To unpack this notion I created my own wood type and printed a series of posters. I printed these posters as one-offs. I set the root word, printed it and moved onto the next word. The process of printing each word was documented using a time lapse app on my iPad and edited into this short film in iMovie. I set the song New Soul by Yael Naim.